MoneyWiz for mac let you set up automatic backup option for the local database. It could be used along with SYNCbits or without it. In case you have a SYNCbits account, note that the restore process is slightly different. 

Enable Automatic Backup

To Enable automatic  backups, please go to MoneyWiz > Settings > Backup: 

The default Location for backups is: 


Backup Frequency

Let you choose how often MoneyWiz should create a backup. The available options are: 

“Every time I quit MoneyWiz” 

“Once a day”

“Once a week”

“Once a month”

Number of backups to keep

Let you choose how many backups you can keep. You could keep up to 10 backups. 

The way that back up copies are stored, kept and overwritten is controlled by the Frequency and the Number of backups. Depending on the frequency, a new backup is created each time it is time to do so. For example: 

“Once a Day” keep 2 copies. This would mean that Today, MoneyWiz will make 1 copy and keep it, tomorrow it will not overwrite this copy, but create a second backup. The day after tomorrow, MoneyWiz will overwrite the first backup it made, and the day after the second one, and so on. 

Restore from backup without SYNCbits

To restore the MoneyWiz database with the backup files, you would need to do the following: 

1. Go to the backup folder and copy the backup you want to your Desktop. If you use the default backup location, you would need to: 

- Open a Finder window and use this shortcut on the keyboard:

⇧ Shift + ⌘ cmd + G

b. This will invoke a textbox - "Go To Folder". In the box enter: “~/Library/Containers/com.moneywiz.mac/Data/MoneyWizBackups” (without the quotes) and hit Go.

- In the folder that will open you should find the backup copies: 

2. Select the backup you want to use, start renaming it, and add ".zip" to its end (without the quotes)

3. Double click the ready .zip file to un-compress it. 

4. Open the unzipped folder and copy these files: 




5. Close MoneyWiz for Mac then open a Finder window, and use this shortcut on the keyboard: 

  ⇧ Shift + ⌘ cmd + G 

  This will invoke a box "Go To Folder". In the box enter: “~/Library/Containers/com.moneywiz.mac/Data/Library/Containers/com.moneywiz.mac/Data/“ (without the quotes) and hit Go.

6. Replace all the files with the ones from the backup and start MoneyWiz again. Note that if you want to just inspect the backups, you should not entirely replace the files that were already there - you could perhaps move them somewhere first so you can always get them back.

Restore from backup with SYNCbits

Restoring from a local backup when you have a SYNCbits account requires that you first disconnect the database from the server. This will require that you: 

1. Stop the Internet connection on your computer. 

2. Replace the MoneyWiz database from backup as described in “Restore from backup without SYNCbits” 

3. De-sync the database

- Open MoneyWiz for Mac, press the ALT key on your keyboard (or also called Option key), and keep it pressed.

- Click on the SYNCbits menu on top.

- A hidden menu - "Force sync", will show, almost like this one:

- Click De-sync. this will make the database on the Mac local i.e. not connected to any account. 

If you want to create a new SYNCbits account with this database, but use the same e-mail address as before, please write from the registered e-mail to hello@moneywizapp.com and ask that the existing account is deleted from the server.