Even with features like Online Banking and import of OFX, QIF and CSV files the cash we spend everyday is something one need to account for by manually adding transactions. With MoneyWiz we have put a lot of effort to make creating a transaction as brief as possible. There is a great deal of features involved in making transaction entry quick and easy. 

Here's a list of all the features that impact transaction entry: 

In this article we will cover all of them. Whatever the method you use to start entering a Transaction if you want to register a Transfer, say an ATM Withdrawal rather than Expense or Income,  just tap the Transfer tab in the Transaction form. The next step will be handled by the Transaction Layout and the Auto-completers. 

Transaction Layout

You can adjust how the layout of the Transaction Form from Settings > Transaction Layout.  For demonstrating purposes we will use the layout from the video below. 

We chose to place the Amount in the first place, so that the numpad automatically shows when you open the form for adding Expense/Income/Transfer.

Here's how to do that:                                                                             

Note that the Transaction layout affects not only how the fields in the Register a transaction window are ordered, but also how the transactions will be displayed in the Transactions List. 

Here's how the Transaction List will look with the about Transaction Layout:


Auto-completers are combinations of Payee, Description and/or Category. For example, when you manually create one transaction, the next time you enter the Payee in a new transaction, this will automatically fill in the Description and Category with the last ones used for this Payee, on the selected account.

Here's how the auto-completers work after you have created a transaction with Payee, Category and Description: 

Note that Auto-completers are Account specific, so given set of Payee, Category and Description that is available on one account, will not be available on another. 

Pull to save Transaction

Every time you are entering a transaction, instead of saving via the √ in the upper right, you can simply pull down from within the empty space of the Transaction form as you would refresh your mail inbox in the Mail app. 

Enter the transaction details with or without auto-complete and then from the empty space tap, and while holding your finger, pull down:

Before you open MoneyWiz

Add Widget to the iOS 8 Notification Center

On iPhone running at least iOS 8, you are able to add a widget to your Notification Center and make a transaction from there. 

Adding the widget to Notification Center:

Adding a Transaction from the Notification Center widget:

Use URL Schemes

If you are using an  iOS launcher app  such as Launch Center Pro for instance, you can also execute them from the Safari web-browser on iOS  too.

MoneyWiz has the following URLs: 


moneywiz:// to launch the app
moneywiz://expense to launch expense dialog
moneywiz://income to launch income dialog


*If you have MoneyWiz 1 and MoneyWiz 2 simultaneously installed on your device, note that the URL schemes will work for MoneyWiz 1. To have the URL schemes work with MoneyWiz 2 you will need to uninstall MoneyWiz 1. 

When you are already in MoneyWiz

Shortcuts on the Menu Bar
Whatever screen in MoneyWiz you are in, you can open the Menu Bar with gesture from the left edge of the screen and tap Expense or Income . Transfer is just one more tap away. 

Shortcuts from the Accounts List

In the Accounts List you can swipe left the name of an account to reveal + and - buttons to enter an Expense or Income on the account you swiped on. 

In this case, the transaction form will have the account pre-selected. 

If you have just completed entering a transaction and you just want to another one that is something regular, say Coffee and Lunch or a bus/metro/tram ticket, you can simply select the transaction from Yesterday, or the day before and Duplicate it.

This is also useful if you enter the expenses once a day and duplicate the transactions from yesterday. Note though that the time of the transaction may not update if you haven't entered transactions on the account in the past 14 days.