Exclude and account from Net Worth in MoneyWiz 2

In MoneyWiz 2, you can edit an account to exclude it from the Net Worth. It is a bit different on Mac & iOS. 

On Mac, when you can open the properties of an Account by right click on its name > Edit, and the popup will show. Note the two dots at the bottom of the Edit a Type Account screen, you can either click them or if the cursor is inside the Edit screen, .

Check your Net Worth. Did it work? 

Whilst, on iOS you can Edit from Setting > Account & Budgets > Tap on the Name of the account and then swipe right or tap Extended to reveal the second page of properties.


Exclude and account from Net Worth in MoneyWiz 1

Since, MoneyWiz 1 has no option whether to exclude an account from the Net Worth indicator or not, you can use a workaround. 

For Example: 

  • In the Reports section, choose Account balance report, select all accounts, but the one that you want to exclude from the Net Worth, 
  • Choose one of the predefined periods (say, This Month).
  • Generate the report. Once it has been generated, tap/click on the plus in the lower right of the graphic...it will aggregate the data and show you the Net Worth for the selected accounts. 
  • Last, you can click/tap Save and choose to Save Locally. The saved report is available for view at the bottom of the Reports section.

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