Importing your data from PocketMoney to MoneyWiz is easy. PocketMoney for iOS can export all of your accounts into a single QIF file that you can import to MoneyWiz.

Note that before exporting there are few settings that you need to adjust in PocketMoney, so that the exported file will import alright into MoneyWiz.

Please notice that if you have Investment & Assets accounts, those will probably not import into MoneyWiz because MoneyWiz currently works with Cash, Loan, Checking, Credit/Debit and Savings accounts. Click the Link to see the current status of the investment and assets accounts development, and how to manage your assets and investment instruments in MoneyWiz.

First, get prepared before the export

Note the Opening Balance of your accounts

Before starting to export your accounts, please take a note of their Opening Balance. You would need this information when creating your account in MoneyWiz. For the accounts to come up with the right balance after the import they need to have their Opening Balance set as of the date of the first transaction that you will be importing.


Note the names of your accounts and their exact spelling

This is needed so that when you are exporting each account, you name the QIF file exactly as the name of the account. It is important to do this as due to the structure of the file i.e. if the account is called Visa Gold, the QIF file for it should be called Visa Gold. Please mind the capitals, and spaces, the file format is cases sensitive. This will be also needed when you are setting up your accounts in MoneyWiz before importing your transactions. 

Next, export your data from PocketMoney

Adjust the Settings for the QIF file and the data export

1. Go to the machine wheels in the upper right corner

2. Then to Data Transfers.

In the Date Transfers screen you need to adjust the properties the following way:

Transfer Mode: Set it to SyncDocs, if it isn't set to that already.
File Encoding: Select Unicode (UTF-8)

3. Continue to the QIF Options menu, and within the File Format section set the properties as follows:

Date Format: mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy
Date Separator: /
Number Format: Depending on your currency, you can choose 1.000,00 or 1,000.00. These work for most of the world currencies.

4. Go back to the Accounts Screen and:

choose the Share button at the bottom left corner

Select E-mail Transfers

Choose the Second option down - QIF

For address choose your own e-mail address, to e-mail the file to yourself. The QIF file will be sent as an attachment.

That's it! The accounts have been exported in the QIF file that you have e-mailed to yourself. Now you can open your e-mail client on your iPhone/iPad or Mac and directly open the QIF file in MoneyWiz.

Importing to MoneyWiz

Click "Import OFX, QIF and CSV files from banks or other applications" to see how to set up MoneyWiz before you import your PocketMoney data to MoneyWiz.