Importing your data from Microsoft Money to MoneyWiz is easy. We have a lot of clients coming from MS Money and the import works great for them. Microsoft Money can export each separate account into a QIF file and MoneyWiz not only supports importing from this file type but it will also detect the transfers between your accounts as well as split payments you may have on your accounts, payees and categories.

You just need to export each of your accounts to a Loose QIF file and then import them one by one to MoneyWiz. Do not worry about creating duplicates - MoneyWiz will take care of this by detecting them based on the dates and the amount of the transactions in the different files.


In this guide we'll cover the following areas:

  • Preparation
  • Exporting from your current application
  • Importing to MoneyWiz


Before starting to export your accounts, please take a note of their Opening Balance. You would need this information when creating your account in MoneyWiz. For the accounts to come up with the right balance after the import they need to have their Opening Balance set as of the date of the first transaction that you will be importing.

Exporting from your current application

Export an account:

1. Go to File > Export...

2. Select a QIF Format to export to:

You will have two options here: Loose and Strict QIF format. The basic difference between these two is the volume of information they could carry. Select the Loose QIF format. It could carry more information than the Strict QIF format and MoneyWiz can read it just perfectly and import all of your data.

3. Choose location to save the file and how to name it.

You can choose any location that you would like. Usually the easiest thing to do is to save it to the Desktop.

4. Select the account type to export

In Microsoft Money you could have two types of accounts - Regular and Investment.

All of your checking, cash and credit accounts will go into the Regular type and any stock, 401k, etc account will go in the Investment type.

If you will be exporting a Regular account this is the option you need to select.

5. Select the Account you will be exporting and click Continue.

Importing to MoneyWiz


Review Import OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV and MT940 files from banks or other applications guide to see how to set up MoneyWiz before you import your MS Money data to MoneyWiz.