When you connect MoneyWiz to your online banking accounts, you may notice that the balances of your accounts will appear correctly, but your transfer transactions will be downloaded as an expense in one account and as an income in another account.

This happens because in the online banking the transactions are almost never marked as transfers and when downloading we don’t know if they are transfers or not. The only reference that we can find is that sometimes there is a text in the transaction description stating “Transfer”. The problem is that this is not sufficient to import the transaction as such - we also need the sender or the recipient account.

We are currently working on an algorithm that will allow us to recognize at least some transfers when recognizing all seems impossible. However, this may take some time.

Temporary solution

In the mean time, if you want your transfer transactions to be recorded as such, you can delete the one of the 2 imported transactions (expense and income) and convert the other transaction to a transfer. Please, refer to our Working with Transactions guide.