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Migrating from Quicken

Hi All,

I have used Quicken for almost 20 years so I'm very familiar with the software. I'm contemplating making the jump away from Quicken and I'd like to hear from other users who have done the same. The main features I use in Quicken

- One checking, two savings accounts (that use WebConnect to sync to my bank on demand)

- About 25 credit accounts (some will sync with Quicken, some won't, I really only use about four of those credit accounts regularly). My main issue right now is syncing with Capital One. I haven't had a good sync since August 6th (two months now).

- I use the calendar feature to set set Bill Reminders so I know what needs paid each paycheck. I don't use automatic bill pay; I just use the calendar so I know what bills are due.

- I use the reconcile feature to reconcile my accounts each month.

I don't use investiments or budgets but I might consider budgets in the future.

Looking forward to your opinions and suggestions and experiences.

Thank you,


Hi Angie I migrated from Quicken, which I had used for about 10 years, to Moneywiz about 2 years ago. So far I have been satisfied with the switch. There have been some bugs here and there however Moneywiz customer support has been quick to respond to my questions. The main reason that lead me to switch was the ability to sync with my banks on multiple devices, i.e., iPhone and ipad and the ability to access all the software features such as reports on my mobile devices. At the time I was hoping that the Quicken app would add the ability to do this without being tied to a desk/laptop computer but of course that never transpired. I know that online sites such as Intuit Mint do something similar to what I described however I like knowing that I have a local copy of my data available and am not relying on a internet connection to access my data. Thanks Randy


Thank you Randy for sharing your feedback! I hope Angie that you've been satisfied with this reply. I cannot comment on migrating from Quicken as I have not done it myself but I can see from our customer queries that we have tons of customers switching to MoneyWiz monthly. If you'll have any questions regarding the migration - please consider dropping us an e-mail at

Thank you Randy. I made the leap, starting with a one month Premium subscription to check everything out. So far I've submitted three credit card companies for review that weren't in the list of available banks/providers. Crossing my fingers I don't find any "show stoppers."

Appreciate the feedback!

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