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Record Changes

Is there anything in the system, keyboard shortcut or log file, that I can call up which will list for me the changes made to records after an update runs?   

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There are debug logs that are available but those are not meant for everyday reading as they are not very human-readable or convenient to read. Apart from changes made to your account, it'll also display a lot of other information so it's really not meant to be read by a customer. Also, those logs would need to be running at the time when the change happens so you'd need to keep them running at all times basically. This also is not recommended as those log files would quickly grow big and take away your free drive space, also slowing MoneyWiz down. What I'm saying is that there is a way to read this information, but it's neither convenient, nor recommended by us. It's meant for debug purposes only.

Other than the debug logs, there is no such list at the moment I'm afraid. If the update concerns Online Banking transactions, then newest MoneyWiz version displays "NEW" flag next to newly downloaded transactions but this does not happen for regular SYNCbits sync.

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