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Differenciate normal transactions from scheduled one


I would like to suggest an implementation of the UI, where each scheduled transaction in the transactions list (of each account) would have a marker or something that would visually and at first glance distinguish them from normal transactions. 

For example, each scheduled entry could have next to the import an icon that would tell you "hey, this transaction will be repeated over time". If you tap on it and from the drop-down menu, you could see the complete duration of that transaction, that is when it started and when it'll end, as well as the periodicity of the transaction (how many times it's repeated per month). 

How possible is that to happen?



Thank you for suggesting this. We'll certainly take this into account! However, remember that Scheduled transactions might not be repeating at all actually - they might be scheduled as one-offs so we'd need to tweak this a bit.

I'll pass it to the team for consideration, thank you!

I think a scheduled transaction should be considered in the app as a periodic transaction, which means if a transaction is not repeated over time it shouldn't be treated in the app as a periodic (or scheduled) transaction. And why I state you should treat scheduled transactions as periodic? Because you could create a normal transaction from the Account's section and change the date time to a future date, in which case you would be in a certain way creating a scheduled transaction from a different section of the app; but because it wasn't created within the scheduled section (which is, created as a scheduled transaction in mind), the app won't treat it as a scheduled transaction. For example:

If you create a scheduled transaction within the scheduled transactions section and set the date to a future date (but you don't make it repeat over time), whenever you go to the account to which you assigned the transaction, you won't see that transaction UNTIL it's paid. Yes, you could pay it manually and have it appear in the account's list, but that's not the natural way of doing it. 

However, if you create a normal transaction within the account you want to assign it to and you schedule it to a future date, no matter how you set the account to treat new transactions (whether to auto-clear them or not), you will see it there below the title of the month it will actually affect that account. 

So, in both cases, you are creating a scheduled transaction that's not repeated over time, but the application treats them differently. And it shouldn't be that way, because you're objectively creating the same transaction, following in its creation two different paths. 

Another thing I'd like to suggest to further improve the application is to add a new parameter called "scheduled" into the filter options so that the app could display just the scheduled transactions that are affecting an account. And in some ways related to this, it would be nice if it would be able to sort the list of transactions in a way so that all the scheduled transactions would be grouped in a sector apart from the rest of the transactions (inside the account, of course). The same could be said for transfer transactions. 


Thank you for sharing your detailed feedback! I'll include this note in our internal feature requests list. I can't say when/if we'd be introducing those but I assure you that we are reading every comment posted and consider each separately :-)

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