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Material UI

I recently started using MoneyWiz, actually evaluating it with a bunch of other similar apps to see which one I can use for next few years. Coming to MoneyWiz, the UI is not very intuitive. 

I am using this App on Android and Windows platforms. The recent Material UI does make apps intuitive and more user friendly. I would like to see a similar approach in this app as well. 

A small list of features I think can make this App better:

1. a floating '+' button at the bottom that can take a user to further actions once it is clicked (useful to add income/expense/accounts etc starting with a click instead of a swipe and then click)

2. Web App (I would like to look at my budget periodically when I am at work, but prefer not to install any apps on the work PC).. I know mobile app is there for that, but I cant carry my mobile to my desk! 

3. Linux App !! I dont understand why this stepmotherly treatment to linux users ? There may not be enough users requesting this, but when you can get it working on mac, it should be fairly easy to have it setup for linux. Again, if you have a webapp, that solves this issue for linux users as well. 

unfortunately, I am a linux user. So have only one option that is to use my mobile app only. I did activate a windows version on my useless windows pc though, but that is only because I have it for such work arounds  !!   In this age of flexibility, why is the development team not prioritising a web app is beyond my imagination.. 

One similar app that does almost everything MoneyWiz does is 'Wallet' from BudgetBakers. It does have its own issues, but it is a very similar and capable contender with much better UI and flexibility though.

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They are upgrading the UI for MW3. I wish they could give us something now, at least a preview picture of how it's looking like as of right now and be opened to feedback. 

We cannot give any preview of UI at the moment as there is none yet :)



1. Thanks, point taken.

2. There is a chance we might develop a web based app, but that will most certainly not happen before MoneyWiz 3.

3. We have no plans for developing it on Linux at the moment.

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