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Budget functionality is very poor

Hi, I am mostly enjoying using MoneyWiz but I have started to experience some significant problems. I am one Day from my monthly budgets rolling over, I wanted to change a budget amount for the next month for a few of the budgets, but this exposed several issues. 1) Increasing or decreasing the amount of a rolling budget value seems to affect all past transactions.Why should I then have to edit any adjusted budget to take account of historical 'rollover' values? Changing a budget should only affect future values. 2) Adding a new monthly rollover budget, starting in a weeks time with a monthly contribution of £200 should give me a new budget with a value of 0, until one week has elapsed. Then it should be valued at £200. The reality is, it immediately has a value of £200, then in one weeks time, it experiences the rollover and has a value of £400. This is just not correct at all. 2) I have witnessed several budget remaining amounts randomly changing on their own. I edited one budget and then went back to the budget list, at this time, at least 3 other budget values changed. Is this a known problem? These issues are causing me to significantly distrust MoneyWiz, it is just not reliable enough at the moment. Dave

I agree with you the budget functionality is not reliable, since my latest budget rollover transactions are going wrong after every entry. My budgeted amount has already gone up by EUR 258 in the first month and a half? Every time I enter a transaction my budgeted amount changes! And it's all down to MYR entries, MoneyWiz has always struggled with my Malaysian currency budget entries. When I do a MYR budget entry it re-calculates a different amount on each device I use, and at the same time it is changing the entries on all PREVIOUSLY entered MYR amounts!! and the actual budgeted amount. Sadly the staff at MoneyWiz refuse to except this problem with budgets. It has definitely got worse since the last update.
So I spent a little more time trying to figure out what is going wrong for me. It seems to come down to one thing, changing the value of a budget historically affects that budget. So if I have a budget for £100 per month, then change the value to £200 for September, all previous additions to this budget change to £200; I then have to manually edit the balance to match what it should be. Part of the problem here is that I didn't always check the value so didn't know how much to correct by. I am a very experienced software engineer and I can't see any benefit to this behaviour, so it looks like this seemingly obvious requirement was missed. As this is such a significant problem, I would hope that it is resolved soon, surely it cannot be that difficult to rectify the design of the code. Is there any intention of fixing/changing this soon? Thanks, Dave
Just to clarify, point 3) in my first message (labelled as point 2) twice :-) ), this occurred because I changed the budget start date for an existing budget. This budget had a previous budget transfer to 3 other budgets. When I changed the date, this historical knowledge was lost and all these other budget remaining values changed. I only did this as I needed to change the value of the budget and moving the date was easier than fixing the +/- carry over value. I know to work around this I could create a new budget, but I don't feel this is good enough. If budgets were not affected historically by changing the value of the next budget rollover, then all of these problems would be resolved. Dave

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Just spotted this post and did my own test . It certainly seems odd that if I create a new Budget today (21/09) but with a start date in the future (01/10) then this immediately increases my budgeted amount for September, which is indeed very misleading in terms of appearing to unwittingly budget more money than one actually has. Indeed, the only purpose of the budget start date seems to be to specify when to start capturing transactions in the category monitored by that Budget. In that aspect it works as intended. However, it does not work well enough for me as I as I feel much more in control if I can ensure that my Net Worth = Remaining Budgeted.

I find it very interesting that no response has been provided by the 'experts' at MoneyWiz. 

I am having so many problems with this software, it is not fit for purpose.

I have just passed through another budget rollover cycle and I can't even get my budgets on my iPhone to match those on my Mac. All of this is supposedly synchronised...

Can someone please reassure us that this software is actually usable?

I have spent more time investigating this than the people who actually work for the company, this is not how to keep customers engaged.

Hello everyone,

I'm sincerely sorry for not having replied to this thread. However, please rest assured that we read all forum comments and the fact that we are not posting in a thread does not mean that we are not having an - often long and tiring - internal discussions about topics, concerns and questions covered in the forums.

We are aware of the limitations of our current Budgets implantation and read all comments shared with us in the e-mails and on the forums to come up with an improvement to budgets in MoneyWiz 3.

I see that the fact of budget edits having effect on historical budget values came up a couple of times in this thread. This is not a bug - MoneyWiz has been designed to work this way. However, this behavior has its limitations and we're aware of them.

As for budgets not being in sync between devices - this seems like an issue that has to do with SYNCbits problem for a particular sync account, not necessarily budgets feature itself. Please contact us at so we can fix the SYNCbits issue for you.

As for budgets - as I noted, just because we're not replying, does not mean we are not listening or planning for the future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding budgets behavior - they are very helpful in our efforts to make budgeting in MoneyWiz much better in the near future. We value your inputs!

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