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A Tab with a List of the Transactions


I think the app needs a pannel (or a tab) that would show a list of the transactions (incomes, expenses, transfers, scheduled transactions, etc) of all the accounts grouped and accordingly sorted by date, account, category, beneficiary, etc (all this sorts should be pickable). Within this tab, you should be able to operate with the transactions as you normaly would from the places where you currently see the transactions. Also it would be nice to be able to create new transactions within this tab.

For reference, you could check how MoneyControl manages transactions (or entries).

That's it. Thanks!

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Playing with the application (since reading didn't help me), I found that if you touch the eye icon on the left panel, next to the "Accounts" name (1st image), the app will display a list of all the transactions grouped by month (2nd image). As you can see, within that window, you can search transaction, sort the list by date, description, import or payee (3rd image) if you press on the normal and inverted v's inside the search bar, you can create new transactions and finally visualize the net worth. 

The main problem of the list is how badly the transactions are grouped. The transactions are one under the other, with no space whatsoever in between, no indication of group spaces, etc. The lack of grouping prevents the app from being visually appealing. I don't mean to advertise other apps here, in fact, my intentions are to move to MoneyWiz 2 and then to MoneyWiz 3, but just for reference take a look at how the MoneyControl app displays the list of transactions, grouped in different sorts: 

Image 4 - By Account.

Image 5 - By Date.

Image 6 - By Category. 

Take a look how MoneyControl paints each group with 2 different colors to, in some way, separate them. Also, I guess from here, for more practicality, you should be able to access the financial forecast panel to see how your accounts balances and net worth will be like in the upcoming months. 

That's all I wanted to add. Greetings! 

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