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Report from Upcoming expenses (Calandar)


I add in calendar future expenses, example: 10 sep - 100$, 26 nov - 50$, 1 jan 2018 - 500$. And today, i want to get report for all upcoming expenses to me between today and future 01 feb 2018. How i can this doit? Please help (step-by-step).

If this isn't impossible today, add please to Future Request. Such a report is very necessary.


I'm happy to tell you that it is already possible :-) And you have many reports to choose from.

Please go to Reports section of MoneyWiz. There pick one of the reports. For most reports you'll find two tabs at the top: Historical and Forecast. Switching between those allows you to change for what period the report is generated for - Historical means you're looking at the past while Forecast means you're looking into the future. You want Forecast in this case.

When you switch to Forecast notice how the Period changes at the bottom - it allows you to choose a period such as Next 6 Months (although you can also choose a Custom period). This would allow you to look at Scheduled transactions.

As to which report to choose - it depends how you want the data presented. To begin with you could give Account Balance Over Time report a try.

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[b]2Pawel[/b] Thank you. I overlooked this report ;)

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