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Yesterday, one of my checking accounts showed a crazy balance. I did a manual correction to adjust this. Today another one of my accounts is showing a crazy balance. Not sure why it is acting up but something is going on. I have been using the original version for several years without a problem. I don't sync with my banking as I use it at home to keep track of my transactions and a way to balance my statements.

Any idea what's going on?



You are welcome Laurie!


Hello Laurie,

Can you please tell me if it makes any difference if you tap/click on the balance box at the bottom of your Account register?

Also, please review your last 2 weeks of transactions - do you see anything strange? Duplicated or missing transactions?

I am having the same issue. I have the MoneyWiz 2.6.4 installed on my Samsung Galaxy S8+, my PC and on 2 IOS devices...The only device that does not sync properly is my Samsung. I use the PC to enter most of the transactions which sync properly with the IOS devices but when I look at the Samsung it will show in the area of 400+ dollars less. The only way to fix this is to uninstall the app, delete the MoneyWiz folder on device and re-install from the google play store. After doing this it shows the correct balances until next entry from PC or IOS.



We'd love to investigate this and apply a more permanent fix. Can you please contact us at with information as to devices used and which one has correct data? Thank you!

I deleted the app from my Ipad and just use the program on my Mac now. I didn't sync properly from my Mac to my Ipad

Pawel, you had solved my problem with my account balances. I had deleted an account that was no longer active. I now know that I should just hide the account instead.


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