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Budget: The spending or income achievement versus the budget(s) with a breakdown per category or group category


Firstly, I want to congratulate the team for this great software. it has almost everything and its easy to use.

It will be nice  to get a spreadsheet report where we can get for a defined period, the spending or income  achievement versus the budget(s)  with a breakdown per category or group category?  All the datas are there, we only need the report! 

Actually, it would be nice to extend  the customized report with all the fields with few dimensions  in order to get what we want as all the datas are there. A bit like the pivot table for XLS.





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Hello Emmanuel,

I am happy that MoneyWiz works for you :)

Thank you very much for sharing this with us. I'll log your feature request and pass it to our team so we can take it into account for next updates!

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