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Current account balance does not show for future transactions


I have a current account set up and I always use it to pre-record my future transactions. I do this to ensure my balance is zero at the end of the month (spare money is moved elsewhere). In the latest update or so, I have lost visibility of the 'Balance' value for any future transaction.

Was this a deliberate change, or am I missing something? I am sure this worked correctly until recently.

Thank you,

Allow me to answer my own question :-)

I can see that the balance is a 'hyphen' character when it is pending and becomes a set balance when it is cleared. So I guess I just need to automatically clear those scheduled transactions and I will see what I expect to see.


I'll just add to this :-) Please tap/click on the balance box at the bottom. This way you can control whether the balance includes or excludes pending transactions (red flag).

Thank you Pawel, I appreciate the follow up, that helps.

Hello Pawel,

I just purchased your app and I love the interface and many of the features. 

However, I do not believe that this is the solution David was looking for. I would love to continue to use MoneyWiz but I may have to wait until this feature is included before I switch over to this app permanently. 

I too would like some clarification on how to set and view a budget that applies future transactions to the available funds within the budget. For example: this week I have a budget of $500 from Sunday-Saturday and have 4 bills that are scheduled throughout the week that total to an amount of $300. This leaves me with an available balance of $200. On Monday I should be able to see that I only have $200 available even though my bills are not scheduled to go through until Wednesday and Friday. I thought this was a feature before I purchased the app but am having a difficult time finding out how I did it with the free app previously.

Thank you for your time.



What you describe is slightly different from what David requested. He was using regular transactions that are in pending state (red flag) while you are using Scheduled transactions. Both approaches are valid.

So what you are asking for Michael is that budgets take into account Scheduled transactions. We are looking into this but in the meantime you might want to set up a separate Bills budget for any transactions that are automated and repeating and assign your Scheduled transactions to that budget (via good category structure).

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Thanks for the response! I look forward to the possible update. 

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