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Investment and savings account reports


I would to suggest adding reports that can be used for both savings and investments account that accomplish the following:

Obtain account profitability in a specific period, for example, in period between January 1 to March 31 the profitability was 3.4% (or a moth, day week and etc). Even if I do contribute to my investment, it takes into account of that profitability is still 3.4, that is, the report do not use the contribution as an appreciation of the value invested. Also, if I update my account with an income, it is added into account of the profitability, of course.

I miss this type for savings account and now for investments account. With this kind of report, I would be able to compare in a easy way my profitability with market indexes, funds benchmarks and the report from the bank. This could be valid for stock, bonds, mutual funds and so on. I also would like to use this report for savings accounts, as I track my mutual funds using savings accounts. When I contribute to an mutual fund, I do not have the value of a quota, I just contribute with a value.

I hope that I made my self clear. If not, I can try to clarify.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

I forgot to mention also a report to obtain the Dividend Yield/Interest on equity.

Kind regards,


Hello Augusto,

Thank you for taking the time to write it down! We are looking into improving our reports now that the investments account is released. I'll share this feedback with our team so they have more information when planning future updates!

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