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Investment account support more precise value (unlimited decimal places) in price of share instead of only 2

Hi MoneyWiz Team, 

I recently update to the 2.6 and is exciting that the coming investment account. 

One of the things I found is currently, the price of share only support two decimal places, such as 1.12, but for some case, the price cannot fixed to two decimal, such as one of my stock can be 1.1210 and another time it because 1.1290, those are obvious different price, but I cannot see the different in money wiz now. 

For the stock that from yahoo, I can also find the one with more than 2 decimal,

I do not see any special requirement which need to make the decimal limit to 2, so could you remove the decimal limitation?

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Hello there!

I'll share your request with our team! In the meantime, remember that you can enter the total price paid manually. While the UI will not update to reflect the price per share being more than 2 decimals, it will be saved properly.

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OK, thanks for sharing, Pawel. THis seems like a workaround now, I will try.

I'd like to see that too please. For both values and the number of units or shares held.
I too would like to see values at 4 decimal places please.
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