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Custom Layouts for CSV or PDF Export

I would like the ability to create custom layouts for export that will let me choose from all available fields (not just the ones that are displayed in the Transaction Layouts setting) and let me designate the order of the fields for the export.

Currently the export feature automatically adds fields I don't need (Name, Current Balance, Transfers, and Balance) and doesn't give me control over the field order. The initial field order for data entry as specified in the Transaction Layout setting should be used for the export order (currently it's not), but I would really like the ability to alter the export order independently of the data entry layout.

The automatically added Name and Current Balance fields also create extra rows in the table that I have to delete after export. Since I do frequent exports to Numbers or Excel to perform automatic budget calculations and reporting on the transaction data, it is a lot of hassle having to manually edit the exported files to get the layout I need.


One more thing I forgot to add: I would also like the ability to include pending transactions in the export. I don't know why all transactions are not included in the export automatically—I think that should be the default, but even better is to give the user the choice.

Dear James,

As I noted in your e-mail to us, I've shared your feature request with our team and we'll be looking into this as a possible implementation.

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