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Portfolio not showing in online Investment Account


I've just updated to the new MoneyWiz on iOS and MacOS that supports online investment accounts.

I have created a new investment account and linked it to Hargreaves Landsdown via Yodlee. 

It appears to have synced, but all it is showing is the cash balance and recent cash transactions for the account.

None of the investments in the account are showing.

Am I doing something stupid?


2 people have this problem

Hello Steve,

Can you please tell me when was the last investment you've made in this investment account? If it was within last 60 days, please contact us via e-mail at as we cannot investigate this further on the forums.

Pawel, I've just emailed you about this, I think Steve and I have exactly the same problem.

I have the same problem logged in to Interactive Investor.


Thank you for your messages! Seems to be Yodlee (our Online Banking provider) problem - I've used your reports to report this to them, asking for a quick ifx.

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