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SyncBits not working?

Hi there, is anyone else having problems syncing at the moment?

I have tried logging out of SyncBits but it will not let me log back in, have tried going to the page but that is also timing out.



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I cannot connect SYNCbits, too.
Support said servers will be back online in 6 hours max.

SYNCbits servers are back online.


Apologies for the brief downtime. Yes, SYNCbits servers are now back online and MoneyWiz will automatically resume syncing.

I am experiencing a lack of syncing between my iPad/iPhone and iMac. Working if syncing data from iMac to other devices. I have tried logging out/in on my pad but to no avail. Has been like this for a few days now.

Hello Roy! Can you please contact us at so we can help you faster and more effectively than we'd be on the forums.

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