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Bugs in Windows 10


Hi there,

I have recently bought the monthly subscription for MoneyWiz and so far I've been quite pleased with its features. I am currently Using Android + Windows 10.

However, I've noticed two bugs that are too big to be ignored and I would like to know if these bugs are currently on your radar and when it will be fixed.

The first bug is related to Schedule Transactions. When I try to schedule a transaction in a Bank-connected account, it seems that my MoneyWiz software crashes. The screenshot of the error is attached.

The second bug is related to reports. When I enter in the report section, it shows me several glitches in the screen. The screenshot is attached.

Thank you very much for your attention. Please let me know ASAP when you guys will be able to solve such bugs since I need them to be solved to continue with my subscription.




Just found another bug. A particular schedule payment created by phone is not syncing with my local client...

Hello Tiago,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing! Can you please contact us via e-mail? We'd like to ask you for logs and more information and forums are not convenient place to exchange those. Please contact us at so we can assist.

Thank you!

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