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Yodlee - Stuck in recaptcha

I am trying to connect my bank account but the racptcha step keeps asking me to validate images. I am stuck there after correctly selecting what I am asked for.


Can you please contact us at about this so we can give you instructions how you could send us MoneyWiz debug logs so we can look into this?

Sorry for the late response. The issue is not relevant anymore, I found a different solution, thanks!

Dear Daniel,

Can you please tell me if the recaptcha images you're presented with are in some way ambiguous? Is there any chance you're getting them slightly wrong?

Are you using a VPN or some other unusual network setup?

Finally, on which device is this happening? iOS, Android, Mac or Windows? Are you able to give it a go on another MoneyWiz platform? Another network?

No, the images weren't ambiguous and did try for 10 minutes with different ones. I have used this kind of captcha many times in the past without a problem.

I have a regular network setup.

This is happening on both iOS and Mac OS X.

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