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I've recently bought a MoneyWiz monthly subscription. 

I live in London and my main bank account is with HSBC one if not the major bank in the UK. 

While I am happy with MoneyWiz sadly the online integration with my bank fails dramatically. The first time I set up the account it caused my bank to disable my online access due to multiple login requests sent by MoneyWiz in the attempt to log in. Had to call the bank in order to unlock my login again. 
After this, I managed to perform the first sync. After a while, the app crashed though. Today I tried to sync again but it failed. 

As much as I love MoneyWiz simplicity I would not able to keep using it if these issues persist. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

P.S. I have tried to open a ticket multiple times but it doesn't work as well : ( - Latest Chrome on Mac 

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Hello Nicola,

Some banks are more sensitive about login attempts than others. HSBC is one of the most strict so whenever they see a login attempt from a different IP that you usually use, they block the account. This is to protect you but sadly causes inconvenience when using third-party connections. Over time, HSBC should "get used" to the different IP our Online Banking services are using to sync your accounts. (Please note that MoneyWiz itself does not sync with your banks, we use third-party Online Banking services such as Yodlee and Salt Edge who are experts in the field.)

Before we can investigate further, can you please tell me on which device is this happening? Mac, PC, iOS or Android?

As for the failed ticket creation - we'd also need to know what exactly didn't work. Did you verify your account with us? Please note that you can always create a ticket in our help-desk simply by sending an e-mail from your help-desk registered e-mail to

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