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Improvement request

Hi, really loving moneywiz! Coming from pocket money, one thing I really miss is the option to have deposit amounts in green and negative balances in red. A little thing but really helps when scrolling thru the check register! Thanks for your time! ~Tina-Lisa

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Hello Tina-Lisa,

Thank you for writing to us.

Apologies but I'm slightly confused. MoneyWiz already displays red colour for expenses and green colour for incomes to the right of the Account register as little square bars. On which device are you using MoneyWiz on?

Ah I see that now that you've pointed it out! And while that is helpful, I was suggesting an option to colour the actual numerals in the transaction :) I will try to attach a screenshot of what I mean. Thanks so much for your reply and interest in my unsolicited $.02!
(277 KB)
Another example...
(257 KB)

Hello again,

Thank you very much for clarifying this :) I see what you mean now. While I cannot yet promise anything, I'll certainly share this with our team! :-)

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