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A couple of ideas

Hey guys,

Loving the app atm. Here are a couple of quick ideas:

The iOS Widget is not particularly useful in iPhone models that already have 3d touch (the third iteration of products supporting 3dTouch is about to be announced). The add expense/income is already available within the 3DTouch menu in the app icon. It would me a lot more useful if we could add buttons to that widget with typical transactions, think bus, tube, coffee, those little things we do everyday and we log into the app. If you didn't want to change how the widget works, or make it configurable, maybe it could be implemented as an extra section in the dashboard? 

What about Siri integration? Another quick way to enter transactions maybe?

The app in the Apple Watch again is not particularly useful? Do people really use that?

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Hello David!

We plan to extend on iOS behaviour in those areas in future updates as indeed we've been hearing from our customers that they'd like to see some improvement there. Those improvements are not likely to come in the next 2.6 investments update as that update is primarily about investments but we'll be looking into ways of improving this in updates that come after the investments are finally out!

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