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Cryptocurrency price and portfolio monitor

Hi guys,

Would it be possible to integrate this as a minor upgrade after the Investments Account is delivered?

Coinbase released this as an open source side project:

What are your thoughts?

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Hello Jose,

Thank you for pointing it out to us! Can you please write a simple outline of how you imagine this would be integrated into MoneyWiz? I'll share your suggestions with our team so we can investigate this further.

You can check the investment accounts guide for a preview of how the new feature will look like (as a reference):

Hi Pawel, I think it fits the exact model you are using for investments accounts. The main difference is that crypto currencies have many exchanges with different prices. However initially I would add the exchange that is easier to integrate as prices tend to be very close and it will do as a reference. I would add a type of investment that is Crypto Currency or maybe there's another term that describes this better. Then you can transfer USD or whatever "real" money to it and have it as "Cash". Inside that account you can buy/sell digital coins. I'm using lionshare in my mac and Blockfolio on the iPhone to track my portfolio. lionshare uses prices of only one exchange. Blockfolio lets me specify the exact exchange were it should get the price (different per coin). But as I said, maybe supporting only one set of prices from one exchange would be cool for most of us with crypto currencies. Let me know if you want me to dig further, I'd be happy to. You guys are doing a great job!!


Thank you for your feedback! Just to confirm - you're currently investing in cryptocurrencies? Meaning that instead of purchasing company shares (i.e. AAPL) or indices such as NDAQ you're purchasing cryptocurrencies - not to use them to make purchases but to sell them once the exchange rate is favorable? I just want to make sure that I have the complete picture of your feature request before I forward this to our team :)

I'm asking because supporting cryptocurrencies as a currency in MoneyWiz (like USD, EUR, etc) to be used as an account currency is different from supporting cryptocurrencies as a security for investment accounts.

Exactly, I invest in them like I do with company stocks or bonds. I may sell them in the future like I'd do with APPL AMZN etc


Thank you for clarifying this :-) I'll forward this request to our team and we'll also monitor the amount of votes this gets :)


I just wanted to note that our team confirmed we'll be doing this. We can't yet say when (current milestone is 2.6.2 update but it can easily change) as there could be many obstacles in the way - one of which is that it seems some cryptocurrency symbols correlate with some company share symbols so we need to find a way for MoneyWiz to distinguish between those. But we are working on it :-)

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Awesome!! Thanks Pawel!

Just wanted to cast my vote of support for this as well. I trade ethereum (ETH) and litecoin (LTC), not sure if those will be supported in addition to bitcoin. 

Most wanted function! Vote it.

Now Yahoo Finance supports BTC, ETH and LTC (as far as I could test) so now we can add it like a stock with these tickers:


Ripple, OmiseGo and NEO which are others I'm tracking are not included so far.


MoneyWiz does not yet support this but we're working on it!

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