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Syncbits Incomplete Updating

I have Moneywiz on my Mac and iPhone.  I use both to update Moneywiz.  My last update this weekend I noticed Syncbits was continually updating.   I didn't think anything of this until I noticed that Syncbits is not actually update across devices.   

I left Syncbits to update on my Mac overnight to see if it would finish - which it was unable to do.  I signed out of Syncbits and signed back in which did not help.  Restarting Mac did not either.  I see fresh sync and forced sync but have not tried either yet.  

What would you recommend.

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Dear David,

It seems that there is some data in your database that SYNCbits is having trouble syncing. We'd need to look into this closer than the public forums allow. Can you please contact us at about this? You can post a link to this topic so you don't need to explain everything again.

I look forward to your reply.


Thanks for getting back to me.  I ended up following the instructions for a clean sync. I lost several weeks of transactions but regained the sync function back.  




I'm very sorry about the lost transactions. In the future, please contact us at - we can help you fix this issue without risking data loss.

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