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Other Cryptocurrencies

Hey, would it be possible to add more cryptocurrencies? Particularly, I miss Ethereum.


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Hi Jason,

The plan is to add it sometime after 2.7.5 update or so. Unfortunately we cannot give you any closer ETA at the moment, since in between current 2.6.3/2.6.4 and 2.7.5 updates there will be several other updates.


@Pawel - Is there any news on when the updates to include this will be released please?

Thanks Pavel, that’s good news about supporting a wider range of cryptocurrencies.  MoneyWiz is getting more and more comprehensive- great work,

It would be nice to have Ethereum. Instead of yahoo, ethereum price can be obtained from

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Thanks. That is great news re cryptocurrencies. Please keep me posted on the outcome of your discussions re gold / silver. Thanks again, J


As for cryptocurrencies - I can now confirm that we'll be adding more in the coming updates to MoneyWiz.

I can't yet comment on gold/silver though - we'll note this feature request and discuss internally, thank you!

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Or the ability to add new currencies / commodities (eg gold / silver) of my own, even if I have to manually update the exchange rate.

Yeah. I'd like to see Ethereum and Storj coin in particular

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Hi again,

The problem is that we are using Yahoo! Finance to obtain currency exchange rates which is a pretty reliable but most importantly legal source for this type of information. Sadly, while they do track the exchange rate between USD and BTC, they do not provide rates for ETH or LTC (which was also recently requested by one customer).

We do keep track of your requests and are looking for solutions internally but for this one I have no details to share just yet.

I think nowadays it should be normal to support crypto currencies - or at least make it possible to enter your own currencies...

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Hello! It'll depend on the number of votes we receive for this so we'll keep monitoring this thread, thank you for the request!

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