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Apple Watch app

When adding an expense and going to select account the screen is blank and can't do anything

Dear Osman,

Please wait for Apple Watch to load your accounts list from the iPhone. It can take some time.

Hey Osman! At least you should just delete the Apple Watch app. Still with a lot of patience it is just not suitable. Still with the new watch, which is much faster, the app is just crap. It still even isn't optimized for WatchOS 2. Yes TWO!!

You have two options: 

  • Just use the iPhone app, which is one of the best financial apps I ever used, but without your watch.
  • Switch to "Money Pro", "MoneyCoach" or "Debit & Credit". Each of them have excellent watch implementations, but the apps itself are imho not as good as MoneyWiz.

And don't be to optimistic MoneyWiz will change something to the watch implementation. I'm waiting for that since watchOS 2.0, meaning September 2015. 

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