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Line chart for budget

Not a difficult feature to implement I believe.

I would like to see a line chart report (in the reports table) to represent the budget over its duration. This is useful to spot sudden increases to better understand why the budget was exceeded.

Ideally, this graph should be invoked also from the budget page, in the budget options (by long pressing a budget for example).

Again, this is not no hard to implement I believe, please give us a sense of the feasibility and users, please vote if you think this would be useful.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Rafael,

Thank you for your feature request! Can you please tell me if you believe that the Budget Balance Over Time report is something that you need?

I'm just trying to figure out whether you're asking for a new report or to make this report more accessible.

THanks for your reply Pawel. I suppose if I bring this topic up, it means that I would need it ;)
I am actually asking for both a new report (under Budget report in the reports list) and a way to access it directly from the list of budgets.



Got it, thanks! However, can you please tell me how does the current Budget Balance Over Time report fits into your request? I understand that to generate it you have to go to Reports -> Budgets section -> Balance Over Time but in terms of the data representation - does it satisfy your needs?

The "budget balance over time" is a bar histogram representing the budget per period and over the specified time interval. What I want to see is a continuous line representing the budget inside a period. This would allow to spot easily the event responsible for the budget overrun. I have attached an example from a competitor app that has this report (note also the pleasant graphics... There is a way to go for Moneywiz...)

Hello again,

Got it! Thank you for clarifying this. We'll make a note of this feature.

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