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Applying a different Category for a bank transfer accross all transactions

Hi there,

i am really interested in changing the categories money wiz is assigning to some bank transactions. I just want to change it once and it should apply accross the exact same name/item in the system.

How i can do that?

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Hello Martin,

There are two aspects to modifying categories in transactions that arrive from Online Banking:

1. Changing category assignment for future transactions - MoneyWiz remembers what category was assigned to a particular payee so as long as the correct payee is assigned, MoneyWiz will be assigning the last used category.

2. Changing category for existing transactions - in MoneyWiz for Mac and Windows, you can search for transactions with a particular category (by the category name), select all of them and edit all at once.

On mobile, this is not currently possible.

Designing MoneyWiz to change category in all transactions with the same payee if you edit just one transaction with that payee could have very damaging consequences to your data. For example, you might have categories for Groceries but a separate category for Sweets. Most of your transactions with "GroceryShop" payee might have Groceries category assigned but if you then remembered that once you actually purchased sweets and not groceries and changed the category for one of the transactions, this change would populate to hundreds of previous transactions too if MoneyWiz acted like this (it doesn't).

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