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Transfers and budgets


Are you guys ever going to update the program so that budgets can track transfer between accounts? For exemple, I would like to budget for credit card payments and savings. I read similar threads from 2 years ago and feature is not yet available. 

Thanks ! 

I agree, this seems a basic element of budgeting and not being able to budget for credit card and debt payments renders the budget process useless. Is there a workaround? 

Hello everyone,

This is on our agenda for a long time now indeed but I can't yet make any specific announcements regarding this feature. We are monitoring customers feedback on this and other features though!

I just got the ios app and I'm wondering the same thing. Seems to me this should be a standard feature. All my credit card payments are transfers, but there's no way to enter them into my budget. Any idea when this may be implemented?


Ideally you don't need to account for your credit card payments (transfers from your checking account to credit card) in your budgets because if your budgets monitor your credit card, the credit card purchases (when you use it in a store) would already deplete your budget allowance as you'd expect - just like budgets can monitor your checking account expenses or cash account (wallet).

But that dose NOTHING for anyone paying off a debt on a credit card or a loan. Set credit cards aside and focus on a loan (and I'll leave the horrible loan payment process that's worthless). Lets say I have a $540 payment on a loan each month and currently about $400 goes to principal and $140 goes to interest and I have the transaction split as such. The budget will show the interest but the $400 transferred to the loan account doesn't exist in the budget. Back to a credit card; I want to track the balance as I pay it off and I want to use a transfer of the funds but I cannot reflect that loss of funds in my budget. Same problem exists for transfers to savings accounts - not in my budget.

There are three two is one solution in the current system:

  1. reduce your total budget amount by any transfers ahead of time so the money is never there
  2. do not use a transfer transaction. use a category and log the transaction separately in both accounts (lame)
  3. I thought about using a "tag" on the transfers BUT it appears the budget system ignores all transactions that are transfers between accounts
Quicken was the ONLY budget software I have seen get this correct. Every online service and other desktop versions (YNAB, etc) use the same idealistic process that assumes no debt and that your savings isn't in another account aside from your checking account. 

In a perfect world you don't have to represent your Mastercard installments (exchanges from your financial records to Visa) in your financial plans on the grounds that if your financial plans screen your charge card, the Visa buys (when you utilize it in a store) would as of now exhaust your spending remittance as you'd expect - quite recently like spending plans can screen your financial records costs or money account (wallet).

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