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When duplicate detection will ever work on Windows?

I'm complaining about duplicate detection during OFX imports nearly a year through support tickets but until now it never worked like iOS. The algorithm implemented on windows is buggy as hell. I would love that my balance would bump a thousand dollars every time I check an OFX, but in fact my income is imported twice, some expenses too and I have to inspect line by line to find where the error is, aided by a bank statement. 

I'm tired and wondering if a MoneyWiz 3.0 will ever be launched, since 2.0 can't make the pace on platforms like windows. 

You have some spare $25? Go buy something nice, but don't buy MoneyWiz for Windows.

Dear Filipe,

Thank you for your help so far! Indeed you have reported many issues to us over time but I was unable to find one regarding duplicate detection - do you perhaps have the Ticket or Forum ID? I wanted to check what is the status of that report with our dev team.

Hi Pawel,

I treated this subject extensively on two tickets. Their id are #35296 and #51287. I even suggested improvements to the algorithm, like use the benefit of FITID tag when present on a ofx file.


Thank you for finding those. I see that the first ticket resulted in a fix that has been a part of MoneyWiz for Windows since 2.5.3 update. The other ticket did not result in a fix because after you've installed a newer update, the issue was not reproducible anymore.

If you reproduced the issue again recently, could you please e-mail us at with more information? We are doing internal tests of importing regularly and so far it seems to be working OK. If something is not right on your end, perhaps your setup is slightly different than what we do in our tests.

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