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Help not syncing between devices

MoneyWiz is not syncing. I have an iPhone, and my wife has an android. The problem seems to be when transactions are put in on the android device. Some items sync, but not all of them. I am running IOS 10.2.1 and the Android is version 6.0.1 We use the moneywiz app as our check register, and this needs to be accurate for us, please help

We are using moneywiz 2
Dear Gary,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing! Can you please tell me if you've already contacted us via e-mail at about this? If yes, please ignore this and follow the instructions you've received by e-mail.

Can you please check if iPhone contains all correct and complete data and if yes, reinstall MoneyWiz on the Android device, also removing the MoneyWiz data folder: after removing MoneyWiz from your device, install some File Manager application and browse to the SD card memory (or your internal device memory) and find MoneyWiz_2 folder - remove it.


Sign in to your SYNCbits account on that device again then check if you see the same data as on iPhone. If yes, reinstall MoneyWiz on the iPhone as well and resume normal usage of the app. It should be syncing fine!

I was having the same problem and I uninstalled the desktop app and reinstalled and now working OK

Update: Thanks Patel, The issue was defiantly coming from the Android device. We uninstalled the app and re installed. Seems to have fixed the issues, but we are going to be diligent to check both iOS and android apps after transactions are added to make sure they are syncing. This app has been fantastic up until this problem. I really hope this issue is resolved for good
Pawel, auto correct, LOL

@Rajeev, Gary: I'm happy that the issues seem to be gone now :)

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