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Loan account: Report does not include the expense of the payment

Dear all, 

I have tried to find an answer to my question in other posts and I found this post in which my question is asked, but not answered.. 

I set up a loan account for my car loan. This all went very well, but when I tried to pull a report of my expense categories of the previous month, I did not find the amount of my car loan listed in the report. It showed up in the designated category as an expense, but at the same time, moneywizz added an income in that same category of the same amount, which makes the balance 0. 

So when I pull a report of the previous month, moneywizz for example tells me that I have spent 200 € on car categories (car-wash, fuel, e.g...) while in reality, I paid 500 € (200 on car wash, fuel,.. + 300 € loan payment). 

Why is moneywizz noting the same amount as an expense and as an income? 

Is there a way to make the loan payment show up in the expense category report?

Kind regards

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Dear Wies,

The reason for the expense and income being visible is because your loan payment is actually a transfer from your banking account to loan account. If you generate a report for all accounts, you'll see both sides of the transfer which nullify each other.

To prevent this from happening, please exclude the loan account from report before generating it.
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