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Categories got duplicated

Categories got duplicated. Using MacBook Pro. Saw the similar issue was reported about a year ago. Was the solution found?

 Hello Vitaly,

This is not a general issue in MoneyWiz - it might be related to SYNCbits. We should be able to fix this easily. Can you please tell me on which devices do you use MoneyWiz on (only on this MacBook?) in total and if you use the SYNCbits syncing service?

Hi I'm having this same issue.

Currently I have MW on 2 MacBook Pro's and 1 iPhone 7 and have recently had to restore from a backup and reset my SYNCbits account.

Unfortunately 1 MBP is seeing the duplicated category issues, and now my iPhone app is crashing.

Hope someone can help.


It might be related to restoration. If you have a backup of your database, please try performing clean sync on your devices: - but please do this only if you still have the database file of your correct data. This should fix this.

If you're not sure or it didn't help, please contact us at and we'll be happy to sort this out for you.

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