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Problems with version 2.5.10 for Android.


Update to version 2.5.10 brings some problems for me.

First of all, localization changed to English, despite of fact, that in earlier versions it matched phone's locale (Russian for me). If I choose autoselect in settings, then locale remains English.Only if I choose Russian manually, it changes currectly. It's not a big problem, but some incorrect app's behavior.

Another problem is more important and may be connected with locale too. 

In Russian locale transation's amout field doesn't work currectly. If I'm triyng to input some big number, for example 10000, it displayed like "1,0,000", the number 100000 dispayed like "1,,0,0,000" and so on. After saving this transaction, its value becomes 0. 

So, due to this problem, input transaction in Russian locale becomes impossible.

And one more problem appear in all locales.

When I'm trying to input new transfer transaction from one currency to another, app offer exchange rate from the Internet, in this case transfered amount calculates currectly. But if I'm trying to edit exchange rate manually, transfered amount turns into some giant incurrect value with many many zeros.

I think this problem is connected with previous ones and hope that it will not be difficult to fix it in next releases. Thank you!

 Hello Alexander!

We are aware of the problem with automatic detection of the language and working for it for the next update :) You are correct that this issue causes the second one - we base MoneyWiz regional settings on MoneyWiz language. So these two will be fixed.

However, the third issue sounds unusual. Would it be possible you take a couple of screenshots demonstrating step by step what is happening?

Unfortunately, I can't take a screenshot probably because of some blocking mechanism in app. If you explain how to come in over, then i'll try.

But in words it looks like this:

1. I open a new transaction screen and select transfer tab

2. I choose two accounts with different currecies, for example Euro and Ruble. App offers exhange rate: 62.15776027 for me

3. I input Euro amount, for example 500 Euro, and it currectly converts to 31,078.88 Rubles

4. I try to manually edit exchange rate, and here problems become. When I just erase two digitsr to get rate 62.157760, the amount in Rubles changes to 15,539,440.00. When I erase two more digits and get rate 62.1577, the amount in Rubles changes to 7,769,720,000.00

I think this problem is related to previous two and to regional settings.

Hello again,

Apologies for my late reply!

I've spoke with our team and it seems that this is a known issue. We'll be addressing this in the next update to MoneyWiz (2.5.11). Thank you for bringing this to our attention though!


Thank you! 

I hope next release will successfully fix it ;)

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