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Transfer report

Is there any reports that will tell me how much has been transfered in or out of an account?

Hello James,

You can start tagging the transfers you want to see in reports - you can then isolate them in regular transaction reports filtered by tags. If you want you can also filter by account to see just the side of the transfer you're interested in (expense or income).


Hi Pawel,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I have since decided to use cash flow report, with an account filter, as I realised I needed to see all monies coming into an account rather than just transfers in.

However, why is it on the cash flow report it says 'Balance' rather than 'Income' or some wording that more indicates that that figure is what has come into the account rather than Balance, as balance makes it sound like what your balance is on a certain date?


Can you please point me to where you see the Cashflow confusing you with the Balance string? Apologies, I do not see this.


Hi Pawel, Looks like it has been fixed in the latest release on Android. Thanks
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