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Split transaction suggestion

 Is there a way to change how split transaction work, but only part where we enter money amount in categories. At the moment its very limiting, as we can only see what amount of money is being spent in each categories. There are some of us that want more detailed control over budget.

At the moment even entering is a bit time consuming. If I have invoice from store with 20-30 items on it I have to go through every item and split it in category and manually sum everything to enter money sum in category split.

What I suggest is that instead of entering generally sum of money I spent into each category, to give us an option to enter every item into specific category with money amount and moneywizz to do all adding up.

In the end it is maybe same but it gives us better overview of spent money and more control.

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Hello again Bojan,

Thank you very much for your feedback! I'll share this one with our team.
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