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When will MoneyWiz add Aero Snap for the Windows desktop version?

It will be nice to Snap the MoneyWiz window to the sides of our desktop instead of have to adjust it manually. There are any plans to add this feature?


Thanks Rui. I've just logged it to the dev team for implementation. It may be a few weeks before it's ready as we have other tickets with higher priority before that, but it will be done.


I just heard back from my team and they say that MoneyWiz does snap to edges but on screens with small resolution it won't snap due to the minimum window requirements of MoneyWiz. May I ask what's your display resolution?

I have a 21:9 monitor at 3440x1440. As you can imagine by my monitor ratio, I use snap in every app I use, never have a problem besides MW.

Thanks, noted! I will talk to the team. Expect it to be done at some point but not in the next 1-2 updates for sure, as we're in a hurry with some other fixes & features right now.

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