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Sync problem in Android Phone

I am using Moneywiz app on my Android Phone as well as iPad and MacBook pro. It’s an excellent app.I had tried many financial app from last couple of years and none of the app close to Moneywiz. I am regular user of this app. All my financial transactions are carried out using this app. I am eager to see the new update of Ïnvestemnt Account. 

Recently i am facing the problem of sync in my android phone.I could not able to sync after 13/01/2017 . (after my last software update). I am not facing issue in iOS and MAC OS. I have uninstalled app 

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My syncing problem.

Noticed today, that my android and IOS sync does not match the OSX data which is correct.
IOS and Android App are missing 1 scheduled transaction which was in November.
This has happened many times over the last 12 months, each time I have to delete the apps and re-install.  This time I have deleted and re-installed on IOS and Android,
and are still incorrect.
The syc I find is not reliable, all apps are syncing, so how can they be different?


Hello everyone,

Regarding SYNCbits issues, it's best if you can contact us via e-mail at Vishwas - I see you've e-mailed us and I've already replied to you. Martin, kindly please contact us at so we can assist, thank you!

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