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Air Bank [CZ] Provider is temporarily disabled


My savings account is with a bank "Air Bank" and I was able to see the current balance and transactions for a while. However after not being able to update it for several weeks, I deleted the account from MoneyWiz and tried to ad it again only to get the message mentioned in the subject.

Can you help me understand what this means and with whom the issue lies (SaltEdge, Air Bank, someone else...?)?

Thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello Vladimir,

Apologies for the issue. I'm contacting the Salt Edge team to find out what is happening with this bank feed.


I've received clarification from the Salt Edge team. Unfortunately the bank has been blocking access to its servers. Salt Edge team has already attempted to clarify this and resolve by contacting the bank directly and they're currently waiting for a reply. I'm afraid that as long as the bank is blocking the access, the connection might not be possible.

Hi Pawel,

Thanks! I am contacting the bank to find out whether this is to be temporary or a permanent thing. Will post an update a soon as they get back to me.


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