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Moneywiz app and Desktop have stopped working

Anyone elses apps on IPHONE IPAD and desktop keep crashing??  I have not been able to use any of these now for several weeks and I am not getting any answers from Moenywiz support. Its all very frustrating and I will probably have to use the tool I use now for finance

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Hi Karen

In the last 2-3 weeks I've had a few glitches such as not auto-refreshing but that was resolved quickly by Pawel and his team last week. Throughout that time, the apps seemed to continue working albeit using manual refresh. Have you lost connectivity to SyncBits perhaps?

I'm surprised to see your comment re not getting any answers from the folk at MoneyWiz. My experience has been the opposite; they've been quick to respond and then to chase down solutions with SaltEdge when needed. Personally, I'm impressed with their customer service, especially for the small cost of the App; but I know things can be different for each person. Good luck


Hello Karen,

First of all, I wanted to apologise for my late reply on the forums - when we receive lots of e-mails, they get the priority over forums but we try to be responsive all around.

I see that you have contacted us via e-mail and I see that Marina is in direct contact with you. I also see that we've not been able to resolve your issue entirely just yet and you're still experiencing some slower performance with MoneyWiz which we are working to address in the next update.

We did receive your last message and my colleague Marina will get back to you shortly. Apologies for the delay!

my desktop moneywiz premium does not sync from some days ago. I sent several automatic emails form the program but I did not receive any answer or solution. Sometimes appears "error 403"


We did receive your e-mail and I see that my colleague Marina has addressed this now. We'll be in touch with you via e-mail.

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