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Import transactions but do NOT mark as reconciled

How can I import transactions from an OFX file downloaded from my bank but NOT mark them as reconciled?  I want to reconcile them myself against my receipts and not just assume they are expected/correct transactions.

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Dear George,

I'm afraid it's not currently possible. The only way to review them that I can think of is to set the MoneyWiz period filter in your Account register to something shorter. By default MoneyWiz displays last 90 days in the Account register but you can set it to last 7 and last 30 days too so you can focus on the most recently imported transactions.

Thanks for the suggestions Pawel. I'll try that. Can you put this down as an enhancement request? It would guess it should be as easy one to do. A setting on the import or even generally.


Sure! I've moved it to the Feature Requests forum!

Hi Pawel, the filter workaround does not help as it can only be set to a few fixed number of days , 7 and 30 etc. Which is unlikely to match my imported transactions. One other question on this. How do you vote for a feature? I see no thumbs up icon. Is that because it is my request? Thanks.


Yes, your vote is already accounted for as it's your feature request topic :)

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