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request: tab to category field

Dear MoneyWiz,

When editing or creating a transaction, the category field is not included in the tab order -- that is, the cursor starts in the Amount field, then tabbing moves to Description, Payee, and then skips Category, and goes to Date & time.  

While it sounds minor, for me (others?) when I am editing online banking transactions to assign them categories, I want to move quickly through each one ... and it would be much faster if I could tab to the Category filed rather than having to take my hand off the keyboard, move it to the mouse/trackpad and manually select the Category field.   

Even better than just including it in the tab order, would be also adding scroll functionality so that using the up/down arrow would move through the categories once the field is selected -- and typing a letter repeatedly would move automatically to each category that starts with that letter.



I may have found the solution to my own question in the monewiz help section (I had looked before, but missed this entry).   The post is here:

Basically, there is a keyboard preference in the Mac system preferences that needs to be enabled for tabbing to work with the type of field used for "Category"..  if not enabled, it won't work.



Indeed :) If you want to use your Mac with a keyboard more then this setting is a must.

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