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Merging accounts

Hi I'm using MoneyWiz 2 on a MacBook Pro, iPod, and iPad mini. I don't use the online function. I have two checking accounts, call them X and Y, in one group that I would like to merge together as they are so similar. Both have many transactions, but essentially I would like to move all of the transactions from one account, X, into the other, Y, so I am only left with one account, Y. Is this possible? 

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Hello Shane,

It is possible but if you have many transactions it might not be easy or quick.

If you have MoneyWiz for Mac or Windows you could use bulk edit to select all transactions of the same type (expenses, incomes) then modify them to come from different account. However, adjust balance transactions, transfers and split transactions would need to be modified one by one.

Alternatively, or if you don't have MoneyWiz for Desktop, you could export a CSV file from one account and import it into the other (i Note though that if you have transfers between those two X and Y accounts, this solution will not work as transfers need to be pointing somewhere. If you delete an account that is involved in a transfer(s) transaction(s), all transfers would be deleted - from both accounts, affecting the balance of accounts that were not deleted.

So while it is possible, I'd suggest you consider whether you really want to do this as it's not very easy, especially if there are a lot of transactions.

Since this was posted in the feature request forum, I'll note your feature request regarding this. However, if you require further help with this process please consider e-mailing us at or opening a new topic with this question so that this topic can remain a feature request.

Great, thanks, Pawel. 

I didn't have too many different transactions, so I went ahead and bulk-edited where I could and made some individual edits to finish things up. 

Thanks, again. 


I am re-opening the topic. It is a good idea : it would be very useful to be able to merge accounts the same way categories are merged.

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