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Win and iPhone App not auto-fetching transactions


I'm experiencing the same problem in both Windows App and iPhone App: Neither are automatically downloading transactions from my online Bank account. The specifics of each are:

1. Windows: Does not auto-load new transactions upon opening the App each day. Does not auto-refresh transactions after performing manual refresh. Asks for authentication details each time  when conducting a manual download via the refresh button in bottom right corner of App screen. When I do a manual download, and re-enter my authentication details, the App successfully downloads the transactions.

2. iPhone: same as Windows.

Do I have a setting wrong?


Sean Gell

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Hello Sean,

Does your account require MFA (MFA stands for multi-factor authentication and refers to random security questions (different one each time), jumping or SMS codes and other one-time passwords) to sync? What kind of credentials do you need to enter to sync your accounts?

Hi Pawel

Nope, nothing special. It's National Australia Bank and there's just an ID with a Password required to login.


I see! Can you please contact us at with your Online Banking debugging information so we can investigate?

You can link to this forum topic to give your e-mail some context.

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