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Budget set up

I would like to be able to set up a household budget for a year that includes a budget by category that rolls up into an overall budget.  So for example, under one budget (2017 budget), I would have amounts broken down by category but can review the budget at a group level.  

This is how budgeting works in the business world, as you want to be able to see the overall picture in one place - and not have to review 20 small budgets to figure out the overall position.

To be honest, I assumed this would be the case for moneywiz and budgeting was one of the main reasons for getting this tool.  I am happy with everything else so far, but if this is not possible / added soon, then its going to be much easier for me to export actual data to excel to compare to an excel based budget - and that is just not very efficient.

And even better - would be the ability to upload a monthly budget for all categories from excel.

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Dear Paul,

Thank you for your feedback! Indeed, budgets in MoneyWiz work a bit differently at the moment. We'd like to introduce changes to budgets in MoneyWiz 3 but at the moment I can neither say when exactly would MoneyWiz 3 be out or what exactly changes it'd feature.

Paul Hamilton 's idea is very useful and request to implement it as early as possible

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