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Bulk Category updates bug - Mac

MoneyWiz does a fine job 99% of the time - thanks for that.

However, there is one very annoying problem that I seem to fall into often. Its easier to do than it is to describe in words, but here goes:

Lets imagine you have a series of payments to Amazon,, (for example) and then one day you realise that it would make more sense to have them all allocated against Amazon (for example).

Theory would say that you search for all entries with Amazon in the Payee field - that works.

Then you would highlight all the entries that you want to change.

Then right click and EDIT to make a change to the Payee - to Amazon in this case.

What I would expect to happen is that ONLY  the Payee is changed i.e. from to Amazon and ALL other fields for each separate entry are kept the same. 

Well this doesn't happen - what seems to happen is that some of the fields show "Multiple Values" BUT the CATEGORY shows the last category entry for the last Amazon payment AND there is no way to remove the category entry to make it show Multiple Values. 

What this means is that all the, entries have their categories changed to the one used for the last Amazon entry. This means that any report that includes Amazon will show incorrect categories. 

Yes, I know that you should be more accurate in associating your Payee's but that doesn't happen all the time especially for web based companies where the company you pay could be different to the company who supplied the goods - a good example is PayPal.

Hope this makes sense - as I say its easier to show than explain so if you take a dataset from your test systems you should be able to see this pretty easily.  

Dear Dave,

Thank you for reporting this to us! To me it looks like a bug but I'll confirm it with our team.


As a workaround, please type the full name of the payee in the field without using the suggestions list (this is what triggers the autocompletion of category and description) and click somewhere else, for example amount, to make sure that the payee has been entered but all other fields display "Multiple values".

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